January 8, 2013

About Us

We are facial hair enthusiasts, and charitable souls of Greater Cincinnati. We meet monthly around Cincinnati and host social events, compete in local and national beard competitions, and assist local charitable organizations through fundraising and donations. Contact us to find out about membership or check us out on Facebook for more details.

Our Mission

The Cincinnati Beard Barons are business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals from all walks of life that have come together in order to promote the image of facial hair in society through charity, integrity, public service, and positive action and interaction with others.

Who We Are

The Cincinnati Beard Barons are hardworking men and women that attempt to do good for the Cincinnati area. The Beard Barons welcome all types of facial hair and those friendly to the fur. Whether they were born in Cincinnati or found themselves in Cincinnati by other circumstances, the Barons are committed to leaving Cincinnati better than they found it. The Beard Barons will accomplish this while forming the best facial hair club in the United States. Our current members have won or placed in every competition we have attended. We are the aristocracy!

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